I Almost Wish I’d Done It Differently – Choices Authors Make #survey

thI know I’m not alone in wondering why some choices I made as a writer didn’t go over well in a book. The betas didn’t mention it; the editors didn’t have an issues; but when the reviews started, people didn’t hold back in why they hated something I’d written.

I’ve had characters cheat (though not on each other), tried something different with the timelines (as in Memento), had bisexual characters with girlfriends, and had a really terrible MC who changes a lot for the other, just to name a few and these didn’t go over so well. There was a long well-thought-out process for every single choice, though whether it matters to readers is quite another issues. I’ll be exploring the reasons behind some of these particular choices in future posts and a longer article, so stay tuned for that. But enough about me.

In the meantime, I’d like to get some feedback from other authors about difficult choices they made that generated some unexpected reader backlash. I will be getting the reader perspective in a future survey, too!


Survey link opens a new window. Results will be compiled offline and not displayed here.

Thanks for participating!


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