Firemen, Cowboys, Soldiers, Shifters? How do you like your Alphas #poll? #romance

A few days ago we had a lively discussion on my Facebook page when I posted this:

Choose one: firemen or cowboys




The results skewed toward firemen until the voting deteriorated into firemen-cowboys or space cowboys, and quite a few other interesting comments and reasons for voting one way or another.

Since my original goal was to find out what kind of men you like to read about, I really wanted an either-or choice. But it’s not that clear at all, and maybe you’d like some combination of two in one man.

So, I’m expanding the discussion to a poll. With a bonus poll for how you’d like to pair up your heroes in gay romance.

Feel free to leave comments about why you made your choices!  That’s just as important as which men you love to read about.



Which couples sound like fun? I didn’t have patience to put in all the combinations, so if there is one you are dying to read about, add it. One new couple per line.

Which couples do you like?

And who should we pair up the alphas with?

Which pairing do you most enjoy reading?


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