Name My Book Contest, Because I Suck At This

I’m crowdsourcing a title for the 4th book in my award-winning Precious Gems Series (mystery/adventure/romance), I hope you’ll play along. There will be prizes.


How it Works:

gallery_ARCHEOLOGY_MESOPOTAMIA, ASSYRIA, BABYLON, UR_5316-2-Goblet,-Iran,-1200-BI’ll be taking suggestions here, then I’ll collect my favorites and have an open vote on my blog.  .

  • The title should fit well with the titles of previous books (Rarer than Rubies, Italian Ice, Jaded).
  • The theme is gold this time around and the story takes place in Istanbul, LA, and Texas.
  • Read the blurb below to get an idea of the book’s themes (family, second chances, love)
  • Limit of 3 entries per person
  • Leave your title suggestions as a comment and use your real email address in the comment form (no need to leave it in the comment)
  • In the event of two people sending the same title, the earliest entry will be taken.
  • Entries are due October 27, 2014


  • If your title makes it to voting: e-book from my backlist
  • Chance to have a character named for you in the book (or choose a name if you’re too shy), for a few random entrants
  • If your title wins the voting: print copy of your choice of my books available in print.

( I can’t promise your title will be chosen, since my publisher has final word on titles, but if it’s a good one, chances are they will love it!)


About the Book

The Precious Gems Series is a little like Romancing the Stone meets Indiana Jones.

14627Here’s the blurb. If you can incorporate one of the themes into the title it’s more likely to work. I’ve also put some photos of items they are looking for or locations in the book to inspire your creativity.

Draft blurb

Reed Acton has something more difficult to face this time around: a visit from Trent Copeland’s parents. He’s less equipped to handle hugs and holidays than the Taliban or international art thieves. When he’s assigned a case to track down a set of gold Babylonian artifacts looted from the Iraqi National Museum after the 2003 fall of Baghdad, things start to look up. The investigation takes him and Trent to Istanbul and then to an army base on US soil where Reed has to confront the worst demons from his past–his own parents–in order to find out which soldiers have been selling off the smuggled items.

96453158e1e4a0860d87b33a9bfdf883 001The Egyptian Bazaar is Istanbul's spice market


15 thoughts on “Name My Book Contest, Because I Suck At This

  1. What fun! Rarer Than Rubies was such a great read, though I haven’t gotten yet to the others in the series.

    My mind immediately went to quotes about gold. There’s always a comparison to gold or things that are worth more than gold, so my first thought is: Better Than Gold (and ties in with the first book in the series)

    There’s a quote from Tennyson, “Love is the only gold.” Beautiful sentiment, so I thought: The Only Gold

    “Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.” Martha Graham said that. With that, my third try at a title: The Test of Gold


  2. Just having fun EM! Lol…

    24 Karats of Fools Gold
    Code Name – 24K
    24K Prophecy of Fate
    Hearts of 24 Karat Gold
    Love Purer than 24k
    24K Mercenary/Mercenaries
    24K Thief/Thieves


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