Vote for a title for EM Lynley’s Precious Gems 4

photo-Men-523910511I got a lot of entries for the title contest for Precious Gems Series book 4.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a name. After brainstorming with beta readers, I’ve got some new options and selected the most relevant of the entries from the blog and Facebook. (Expect an email if you won a prize)

So, now it’s time to vote.

And there is a giveaway here too.  First, vote in the poll. Then, leave a comment telling me which title you like best. I’ll randomly select at least one commenter to win an e-book from my backlist.

Read the blurb, then select the best titles that fit with the blurb, not just the best-sounding title.

thReed Acton has something more difficult to face this time around: a visit from Trent Copeland’s parents. He’s less equipped to handle hugs and holidays than the Taliban or international art thieves. When he’s assigned a case to track down a set of gold Babylonian artifacts looted from the Iraqi National Museum after the 2003 fall of Baghdad, things start to look up. The investigation takes him and Trent to Istanbul and then to an army base on US soil where Reed has to confront the worst demons from his past–his own parents–in order to find out which soldiers have been selling off the smuggled items.


12 thoughts on “Vote for a title for EM Lynley’s Precious Gems 4

  1. I originally suggested Bonds of Gold because gold is strong yet mandible, it conducts electricity, it can mix with other metals. Gold is timeless, true. Those are the bonds that carry us through life.


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