#Nanowrimo Update: At 50k and still going strong #amwriting

Winner-2014-Facebook-ProfileI hit the 50k mark and validated my NaNo novel last night. Still working away at it, but I thought you might enjoy reading the last paragraph I wrote before I realized I was over 50k.

Mike wasn’t answering his phone. Or he was just ignoring Beau. But Beau knew where Mike ate lunch at least four days a week, so he staked out a table at the Pot Sticker Emporium, a few blocks away from the Daily’s office. As Beau contemplated a doughy dumpling, the pieces fell into place. Mike was almost exactly potsticker-shaped. Apparently you were what you ate. Beau rethought all those blowjobs he’d given Jake.

Maybe he shouldn’t have swallowed.


Anyway, I’ve still got at least 25k to get this one finished, so I’ll just get back to writing.

Stay tuned for more updates on One Marine, One Hero (working title).

How is NaNo going for you this year?

FleetWeek14_00018     military-eye-candy-9


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