Last-minute tax advice for writers #taxes #author

Tax Tips for Authors

Panicking because you aren’t ready for tomorrow’s tax deadline? Here are some last-minute tips to make the process a little less painful. To get all the deductions you deserve and plenty of tax planning and prep advice, check out my book Tax Tips for Authors.


1. Didn’t get organized in time? File an extension. If you haven’t got your expenses tallied in time to get all the deductions on your Schedule C, don’t worry. You can file an extension until October 15, which gives you six months to get your act together. Most tax software has an extension option, or you can go to the IRS website and download the PDF. Fill it in and mail it on April 15. The caveat here is that the IRS expects you to pay what you owe now, even if you haven’t figured it out! If you have a refund coming, don’t…

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